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About My Life of Travel

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Travel blog platform launched by travellers for travellers

London - November 4, 2005

My Life of Travel is a free web-based travel journal and travel research tool created by 3 professional travellers living in London, Calan Horsman, Haim Bener and Lachlan James.

Every year, thousands of people leave their friends, family and places of birth behind as they head abroad to work, study. and travel. Having been a part of this trend for over 3 years, they set about creating a unique tool to allow travellers to record their journeys, map travel histories, share tips with fellow tourists and keep in touch with friends and family, without the need for mass email communication and multiple photo sharing sites offering no permanent record of your trips.

The result - - is a user-friendly travel journal (blog) site with many unique and easy-to-use features. Users can create multiple travel journals consisting of an unlimited number of journal entries, stories and photos, uploaded using an easy-upload tool which automatically compresses photos before uploading to save the user precious internet time.

During the journal entry creation process, the site automatically maps users' travels onto an interactive world map, displaying the route travelled. Using the map slider bar you can move forwards and backwards to animate how the trip was done. The interactivity in the maps enable friends and family to track your travels and also provides a great way of researching upcoming trips and find interesting places to visit.

After creating a journal entry you can edit it at any time, setting sharing permissions for anyone in your contact list. This allows you to create separate entries for the public, friends and family and to protect images or stories that may not be suitable for all.

Best of all, a contact list function is available, which allows you to inform selected friends, family and acquaintances of updates to travel journals, keeping them informed of their latest travel antics without the need for separate mass emails.

Calan Horsman, site co-founder, said: "We are hoping to revolutionise the way that people record, reflect on and communicate about their experiences whilst providing a database of information to research upcoming travels. Photographs help us record the moments that are otherwise lost and we are hoping to inspire more travellers to record their experiences. The maps provide an online pin-board of the places we have been and watching them grow over time is something we all find exciting. Building a site that is fun and easy to use is our primary goal and we appreciate and answer all member feedback. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we have enjoyed creating it".

For more information about My Life of Travel please contact us using the form provided.

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