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Travel blog platform becomes first to offer Google AdSenseā„¢ to members.

London - April 26, 2006

My Life of Travel today announces the wide-scale launch of their growing travel blogging platform, allowing members to utilise their Google AdSenseT accounts to generate revenue by creating travel blogs about personal travel experiences. This now means that travellers can earn money while travelling simply by regularly logging into the site and documenting their journeys, without the need for any technical knowledge.

The company becomes the first niche travel blogging platform to allow its members to use their Google AdSenseT accounts within their own travel blogs and thus offers a financial incentive for bloggers to create valuable content, sharing travel experiences and reviewing locations they have visited. This in turn will develop the site into a comprehensive reference guide for travellers to research upcoming trips, based purely on other travellers' experiences and insider tips.

The website ( launched its basic version in October 2005, resisting marketing in order to concentrate on completing additional products in time for its public release.

The site offers users interactive pin-board style maps that display visited cities and route maps that animate individual journal trips. The new messaging centre capitalises on the social networking aspects of the travel community and allows members to contact each other to discuss past or future trips.

Unique site components include advanced address book grouping which simplifies private journal sharing, favourite bookmarking of other members, and an automated guestbook displaying members who have viewed your journals. In addition, the site boasts an image control centre through which every public image is sent for approval (to prevent distasteful content) and a comment approval centre where members approve or reject comments made about their journals.

Calan Horsman, site co-founder, said: "Having positioned ourselves as a niche blogging platform focused on user experience, we are now very excited about giving travellers the opportunity to be rewarded for sharing their unique travel experiences."

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