Earn money writing about your travels

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How it works

When Google AdWords™ are displayed on a webpage, the website owner shares the advertising revenue with Google when someone clicks on an advert. This allows website owners to make money from their website and allows Google to display advertising on more websites, thus reaching more people.

My Life of Travel lets you use your own AdSense™ publisher ID so that when people browse, search, or view your journal entries, you earn the revenue from people clicking the ads displayed on the right hand side of your journal entry pages.

Why do we give members advertising revenue?

My Life of Travel is a specialised website dedicated to becoming the largest travel journal community on the planet. By letting you earn money from sharing stories, you have a good reason to write good journals, describing what those places are really like.

Our content is generated through our members who are essentially our 'editors'. As such, we believe you should be paid for sharing your stories.

How do we make money?

By using your Google AdSense™ publisher ID you receive revenue from Google for adverts displayed and clicked on the right hand side of each journal entry page.

We make money by selling advertising space on the rest of the site, including the banners at the top of each page. We are also affiliated with travel companies and receive a commission when you book flights, holidays, hostels, etc. so we appreciate you supporting our sponsors (hint!)

Earn money by writing travel journals (get paid to create a travel blog)