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Can anyone join?

Applying for a Google AdSense™ Account

Google is very fair about helping bloggers earn money from their blogs. If you already have an AdSense™ ID you can simply use your existing account. If you do not have an AdSense™ account, all you need to do is create 10 good journal entries in your My Life of Travel journals and then apply to Google for an account.

Once your account is approved (which rarely takes longer than a day) you can enter your Google AdSense™ ID into the Account Settings page of your Control Panel. We will then review your blog to make sure you have created decent entries before authorising your account. Once authorised, you will receive a confirmation email and all ads displayed on the right of your journal entry pages will be credited to your Google AdSense™ account directly.

Why do I need to create 10 journal entries?

Google reviews each AdSense™ application personally. Although Google is very fair about giving bloggers accounts, there is no point in reviewing thousands of applications for members who have not created substantial content.

If you want to make money from your journals you will need to write good entries in them in order to appear in our search results, we have therefore decided that a minimum of 10 entries is required before we review an application. As many members have created more than 10 entries in a day, the minimum number can be achieved very easily.

How do you decide if the entries are good enough?

Everyone who is willing to create decent journals is given the opportunity to make money from them. When we review an application we simply check that you have written proper stories in your entries and check that you are serious about creating journals.

We will only reject your application if you haven't conformed to the requirements. If you are rejected you will be given a reason. You can then make the necessary changes and re-apply.

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