Earn money writing about your travels

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Earning revenue

Earning revenue is easy! Simply write quality entries which people find interesting and/or informative. As people search and browse through the website to read your entries, you will earn money through the advertising on your pages.

You receive payment directly from Google through your AdSense™ account. Advertising is dynamically displayed on our website using your account details. You can login to your Google account at any time to view detailed reports on how much money you have made. Google pays you directly, either by cheque or bank transfer, depending on what you have selected in your account.

Can I only use my Google AdSense™ account?

Although Yahoo and Microsoft have similar advertising systems, we are currently only allowing members to use their Google AdSense™ accounts. This may change in the near future and we will let you know about any upcoming changes.

Does My Life of Travel make money from my ads?

No. You receive all revenue from your AdSense™ account directly from Google. We do not receive any commission from advertising served through your Google AdSense™ account.

As we add future services we may operate a revenue sharing system. We believe in complete transparency and will let you know about any changes that happen from our side. We are dedicated to ensuring you earn money from your journals and we will help you achieve this however we can.

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