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Why is My Life of Travel better than other blog sites?

1. Unique travel features within a travel community

My Life of Travel is a specialised blogging platform specifically designed for the travel community. Unlike general blogging platforms, all website features have been designed to offer a great experience for the traveller and allow you to tell your stories easily and visually. Some of our proudest features include:

  • Flexible journal creation with interactive maps and route animation
  • Advanced sharing for private journal entries
  • Easy facility to send update emails to contacts
  • Message centre to allow contact between members
  • Member bookmarking enabling easy reference to favourite journals
  • Upload facility which compresses images before upload
  • Comment approval centre requiring owner approval of journal comments

2. Easier

Creating journals on the My Life of Travel website is simple. We developed the platform to give every internet user the ability to create and share their travel stories without needing to have any technical knowledge. Creating an account takes seconds while creating journals involves a simple step by step process.

3. Quicker

Due to not requiring any technical knowledge you can get started immediately. There is nothing to learn and you can create as many journals and as many entries as you like.

4. No technical requirements

No technical web skills are required to create journals. The My Life of Travel website has been developed to allow all internet users to share their stories.

5. No advertising or search optimization required

Typical blogs require advertising and search engine optimization in order to drive traffic to the blog. Due to being part of a large travel community, most of our traffic is generated from within the community as people research trips and read about interesting travel destinations.

Although getting your blog listed in directories and linked to from other blogs will increase your traffic, it is not a requirement. Your blog will automatically be listed within search engines as it forms part of the main website.

Create great journals and people will find them.

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