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Travel Journals: Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa travel guide, information, journals, blogs, maps and photos.

South African Road Trip

A wonderful holiday road trip. We stop by the Karoo National Park on our way to Cape Town and have a memorable, if expensive, meal of Karoo lamb and Cape wine. The next morning we’re up early to finish the trip to CT, but before we leave we watch the r...

Member: Tamlyn
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European countries and cities 2001-2006

I have visited the following countries and cities in Europe since I started traveling. Once again, so many memories and photo's hopefully I will be able to upload everything one day soon with descriptions and advice....

Member: Conli
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Jason & Michelle greeted us at Jo'burg airport Saffa stylee, with some beer and cider. Stayed with J and Mich at Jason's parents house (Bob & Hilda). They have a beautiful house - we spent most of our time there sat out on the veranda, watching...

Member: daveandmonaregone
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World trip

After another early start we arrived at Airlie Beach for our sailing adventure on the Whitsunday Magic. This 135ft tall ship was to take us around the Whitsunday Islands for the next 3 days. The first night we anchored at Whitehaven Bay after sunset,...

Member: Natalie-Susan
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African Adventure 2007...!

Today we took a scenic drive around what we used to call the Eastern Transvaal and it is now Mpulalanga. It was also to be a trip down memory lane as we had come on vacation here many times as a child. It is funny how ones prospective changes with age ...

Member: Gillian
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Saffa in London 2005

Chilled out over the Easter Weekend. Weather was quite nice, so me, Tim, Natalie and Rob (Tim's Kiwi Housemate) went down to the local park. Chilled out. Drank beer and watched some guys play cricket. Was really cool. Hope you all enjoyed the break...

Member: Mike
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South Africa 2004

After a long flight from Heathrow via Frankfurt my brother and me arrive at 8:15 a.m. to Cape Town International Airport. Weather is great and hot already so early morning. Our contact was already there waiting for us (my friend Kevin I met a year ago ...

Member: Petr
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It DOES rain in Southern California

On this side of the earth (which is 10 time zones away from South African Time) things has been crazy! One very good analogy of the JIT experience came from Elbe a follow Jitter in Houston; and she sums it up as follows. “It’s as if you live in a reali...

Member: Johan
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Southern Africa

We ran out of Zimbabwe as fast as we could and did a day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana before heading to Livingstone in Zambia that night....

Member: Nick
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Malawi, Zambia, Namibia 2005

Two months in the summer of 05. I started in Jo'burg- jeez that place is a prison and got a 30 hour bus ride to Malawi. Going through Zim as a white guy was fine but the customs guys had a bit of a laugh at me. First stop in Malawi was Blantyre where ...

Member: Chris
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africa 2005

We arrived in Johannesburg airport late afternoon. Unfortunately being rather dumb we had been standing at the wrong luggage carousel (duh!) and by the time we finally found out baggage our lift to the hostel had left! Panic!!! We ended up employing...

Member: claire
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