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These members are looking for travel buddies for upcoming trips.


I am heading to Europe in June London- June 7 to 13 Amsterdam- June 13 to 18 Rome- June 18 to 23 Greece- June 23 - July 6
Destinations: London , Amsterdam , Rome , Rhodos , Kastellorizon , Athens
Trip Date: 07 Jun 2008 - 04 Jul 2008
Member: Nik

Taiwan 2008-09

I'm going to be studying in Taipei next academic year (yay!). I'll be there from late August and will be looking to see of much of the island as possible between then and June 2009, probably in a series of small trips. No set plans yet, but if anyone is going to be there and wants to join up for some sort of trip together, just let me know.
Destinations: Taipei
Trip Date: 22 Aug 2008 - 22 Aug 2008
Member: Deedee

United States - Coast to coast

I am planning a trip consisting of 3 different segments: 1. Landing in the east coast and driving to Washington DC. 2. From DC a flight to Chicago and then Nevada. 3. From Nevada takinga bike and riding to San Francisco.
Destinations: New York , Washington , Chicagon , Las Vegas , San Francisco
Trip Date: 03 Oct 2008 - 04 Nov 2008
Member: Haim

Alaska with my little sis!

Whooooo! We're flying in to Vancouver, then ferrying it step by step up to near anchorage, heading up to denali then flying in to the backcountry of wrangell St Elias Nt. Park for some trekking and camping on the glaciers. I canneee wait, man.
Destinations: Vancouver , Port Hardy , Prince Rupert , Whittier , Anchorage , Healy , McCarthy
Trip Date: 18 Jun 2008 - 02 Jul 2008
Member: Sarah

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