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Edinburgh, Lucerne, Stockholm, Berlin & Munich

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Date: 21 Sep 2007
Locations: Edinburgh , Lucerne , Stockholm , Calais , Berlin , Munich

Valencia, Spain & America's Cup 2007

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Date: 04 May 2007
Locations: Valencia

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Europe 2007: Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany

Edinburgh, Lucerne, Stockholm, Berlin & Munich

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Ok, so I have totally gone off the boil on keeping these blogs up to date. However, if anyone is still looking (and for my own sake) I will try and sum up what and where I have been to over the last few months...

After getting back from Asia, headed off to Edinburgh to watch the mighty All Blacks take on the Scott’s in the World Cup. We thrashed em (well, not really) - but I was so impressed by the performance I didn't bother to watch any remaining games. To this day - I do not know the out come of the tournament, although I'm sure the ABs are now World Champs! (I am not interested in hearing anything otherwise on this issue...)

After Scotland, I managed to get in a couple of weekends in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Lucerne was a beautiful little city with heaps of pretty little things to check out, and quite a few nice clubs/bars to hang and enjoy a drink on the evenings.

Stockholm was great! I want to go back, just as soon as my bank account recovers from the massive dent created by the Krona, which initially seemed oh so affordable against the mighty Pound…

After that it was Chrissy/ New Years. Took a great day trip to France with work colleagues as part of our work Christmas do. Then spent Christmas in Switzerland, which was a text book white Christmas with plenty of snow. From there, headed in to Berlin with the intention of bringing up new years by the Brandenburg Gate – though we didn’t quite manage to make it to the gate on the night, photos show a good time was had by all.

From Berlin we headed down to Munich for a couple of days. Another pretty little European city, but perhaps the coldest I have visited thus far.

All in all, the year of 2007 has taken me to a few less destinations than I would have liked. Hopefully this year I can make up for it.
Locations Visited: Edinburgh , Lucerne , Stockholm , Calais , Berlin , Munich


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