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Date: 06 Oct 2006
Locations: Barcelona

Costa Brava

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Date: 07 Oct 2006
Locations: Cadaques

The Pyrenees

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Date: 08 Oct 2006
Locations: Andorra , Escalo , Espot

San Sebastian and Bilbao

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Date: 11 Oct 2006
Locations: Sos del Rey Catolico , San Sebastian , Bilbao , Santillana del Mar , Potes

Picos de Europa

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Date: 13 Oct 2006
Locations: Potes

Burgos and Madrid

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Date: 14 Oct 2006
Locations: Burgos , Segovia , Madrid

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Spain 2006


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Ron, Orly and I began our trip in Barcelona. We stayed in a motel on the main street - La Rambla and had a great first dinner in the excellent restaurant - Los Corocolos (or something like that) which means - the snails.
I personally didn't like the snails dish, but since it was the first one I ever had, I don't know if it's just me or not. The mussels were great and so was Ron's rabbit and Orly's paella.
We then went to have a drink on La Rambla and went to sleep.
On the next day we met with Shpak and Oded who helped us a lot to plan our trip and rented a car.
We then began our driveto the north along Costa Brava.
Locations Visited: Barcelona


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