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Baltimore - Spring time

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Date: 30 Apr 2006
Locations: London , Baltimore , London

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Third trip to the US

Baltimore - Spring time

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We decided to make that visit shorter and efficient. And so it was. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and discovered a beautiful weather outside!

I picked a taxi from the airport and went straight to the hotel which is located in the inner harbour. Baltimore welcomed the Volvo Ocean Race that week and the whole harbour was like a big festival during the weekend - lots of happy people, boats, food and what have you.

Monday morning was great, I finally got to meet my new team members - my team has doubled since I last visited Baltimore. I had a very interesting week over there, professionally, but if you don't mind, I will stick to the fun part :)

First of all, I purchased a new camera - Canon EOS 350D. Just like my old one, but digital. It means I can use the lenses, external flash and tripod I already have! It's a fantastic tool which I still need to investigate and learn how to use properly.

My team and I went to a seafood restaurant on Tuesday, the same one we went to the first time I came to Baltimore. I had crabs for the first time. BOY, that is so complicated to eat! It is very tasty, so I must admit it worth the effort. My only advice here, in fact two... are: don't wear a white shirt (I was ready with a black one) and don't order it on your first date (unless you are an expert and dating a Baltimorean). After dinner some of us went to see a baseball game. This was an amazing experience for me, since it was the first baseball game I have ever seen. The atmosphere there was great - sitting outside, in that great weather, 15,000 people, happy people who came for a long (3 hours) relaxing game, hot-dogs, ice cream, peanuts, excellent view of the cool!

On Wednesday I went with Karen and Michael for some drinks and on Thursday eve, I got on the flight back to London!
Locations Visited: London , Baltimore , London


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