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My FIRST trip to Amsterdam

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Date: 04 Mar 2006
Locations: Amsterdam , London

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My FIRST trip to Amsterdam

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The reason I called it the FIRST time in Amsterdam is simple. Amsterdam is AMAZING. I am sure you already knew that, but I only realised that two days ago. Therefore, I am sure I'll visit Amsterdam soon, in few months.

Gil, Maya, Orly and myself spent our last weekend in Amsterdam. Woke up at 03:30, took the earliest flight (07:00) and landed in Amsterdam at 09:00 (local time).

The first thing I've noticed was the special smell of that wonderful city.

As we got out of the central station, a pretty impressive site, we headed to the main avenue. Got into the Sex Museum (you can skip that one if you have internet connection) and went on to Dam centre. Had a nice breakfast and explored the centre. Lots of shops, wonderful weather - sunny and sometimes snowy. Lots of bicycles. Excellent atmosphere!

We had some beers in a coffee shop and had a special dinner with some friends of Gil and Maya. Raw food. Basically - food that was heated up to 42 or 47 degrees, so all the vitamins and their friends are still in there. Very healthy and it was surprisingly tasty too!

We went to the red light district and went to drink some coffee ;)

Headed up to the hotel with an interesting incident with the oriental driver and went to sleep.

The next day we visited Anne Frank House, bought her diary and continued to explore the city. We had a delicious lunch in a Greek restaurant - salads, moussaka, Pilpel memule etc.

Oh, Amsterdam....
Locations Visited: Amsterdam , London


hmmm....KAMA YOSSI???

Posted By: Haim Bener on 06 Mar 2006

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