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Rolling rolling rolling, keep the Cheese rolling.

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Date: 26 May 2007
Locations: London , Cardiff

Bath and fun times

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Date: 27 May 2007
Locations: Bath , Bristol

Chasing Cheese

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Date: 28 May 2007
Locations: Gloucester

Wales & Bath

Rolling rolling rolling, keep the Cheese rolling.

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Bank holiday long weekend and the gang are off to Cardiff. Originally the time to head off was 9:30am, but after long delays in getting the car and then traffic we managed to finally head off around 11:30. KP had spent the early morning waiting in line at National Rental before being asked to show his Passport, which he of course didn’t bring. But anyway after all the trouble we managed to get a free upgrade to a Saab CD95t.

We headed off now out of town and on the long drive West. After a few hours we stopped off at Newbury for lunch. Nothing special just a quick feed then it was my turn to drive and use the GPS that KP had just got. Well, get use to we did need, after a few missed turns and deviations to AK’s work at Vodafone and also heading back to London we were finally sorted and now off to Stonehenge to see one of the historical sites in UK.

Stonehenge was a bit disappointing, but I guess its something we must see. There was a long line of cars banked up a long way, mid way thru the traffic tho, saw a familiar face in a car we drove past. (A guy from work). Then eventually we arrived at Stonehenge. Basically the place is fenced off now and you have to pay to walk into the park area and near the rock. However there is a fence a boardwalk around the place so you can’t get too close.

We stayed outside the fence, looked in, took some photos then started driving to Cardiff. The drive was pleasant, long but nice. The car that we got upgraded to came with tip-tronic gear box so we decided to test it out and it seemed to be a lot better.

Eventually we reached Cardiff and it was windy and overcast. Checked into the hotel and went for a walk around the bay area. There wasn’t too much too see there, but a small oktoberfest type festival was on and we checked it out for a bit then walked around town a bit more. Thinking we should explore the city a bit more we went home got changed, and went out to Cardiff town.

The towns main street where all the clubs were, was closed off to traffic and it seemed it was NYE. We found a place to eat, pretty ordinary but still was good to hang out with some friends. But along the way you could see the locals were out to party tonight, with a lot of mini skirts and hens nights out on the town.

We saw a poster for RNB Star?? And wanted to go to that place cause the girls wanted to boogie to the RNB stuff, but since it was far and no one was ready or dressed for it, we found a place that wasn’t walkabout that would let us in. Inside it was pretty ordinary, with lots of girls dancing around a column, YES you heard it right, it was a column not a pole. But still was entertaining. After watching master Ken and AK dance away the night festivities were now moving back to the hotel where some late night drinking and games completed the night.
Locations Visited: London , Cardiff

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