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Trip to Montequ and Robertson - May 2005

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Date: 10 May 2005
Locations: Montagu

Trip to Montagu and Robertson

Trip to Montequ and Robertson - May 2005

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We have to open this newsletter by sharing the wonderful beauty of the autumn we have experienced. George seems to be lined and scattered with Pin Oaks and Liquid Ambers, which at this time of the year are quite magnificent in their splendour of green, gold, yellows, rust and reds. Then quite in contrast there is an abundance of Bougainvillea and Tibishina (how do you spell that?) trees in full bloom. There have been some brilliant sunsets over the mountains, and weather at this stage is still very pleasant, with the need for a jersey only after the sun goes down on some evenings. We are very blessed to live right at the foot of the George Mountain and witness all these lovely sights.

Well! In an attempt to start making a dent into the who’s who in George, we joined the University of the Third Age, i.e. for those folk who have reached their 3rd age. They meet once a month, using a conference hall at the George Library, having a speaker/lecturer with some sort of expertise. The first one we attended last week was Gillian van Houten, ex. TV presenter who went into the bush to make a film, rear and reintroduce 2 leopard cubs to the wild. Her presentation, knowledge and slides were very good and most interesting. About 150 people attended and it will probably take quite a few meetings before we actually get to know anyone.

George is a friendly city, and once a year they have a gathering at the Botanical Gardens where the organisations and institutes set up with introductory tables for all the new settlers to George. This was held last Saturday and we duly went along to find out what was available. We made contact with 2 organisations, one being the Garden Club and the other the A.R.P. & P. (Ass. of retired persons and pensioners). The A.R.P. & P meet on a Tuesday afternoon, again having interesting speakers and plenty of visits to places of interest. Their next meeting, which we hope to attend, features a Neuro Surgeon who is going to enlighten us on Alzheimer’s and this will be followed the next week by a visit to Mossgas in Mosselbay. So …. Watch out! we will soon be experts on all sort of subjects.

Today was our first meeting with the Garden Club, “Garden Club” would suggest some gardening – not so – this is a club of approximately 60 women who meet in a garden for tea, they do however also have a speaker each month, and today we were invited to FANCOURT. For those of you who do not play golf, this is a world famous golf estate. Somewhat ‘posh’ and sort of out of our league. Anyway, the speaker was Fancourt’s chief horticulturalist – he was extremely interesting and gave us all the history and planning needed for organic gardening. As we are just setting up our garden there was quite a lot of good advice. “Tea” unfortunately was not provided in the executive lounge, we had to take our own flask and pad kos. Again it will take a few months before really breaking into the group.

Most of you receiving this newsletter will know that we have both gained some unwanted weight in the last few years. Well just recently we purchased a copy of Dr. Phil’s book – The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, and joined the millions who are “changing their lives” and learning to eat and live healthily. This means we have taken to walking regularly and eating much less fat and sugar and yes! ! ! we are slowly losing some of those kilos. Very slowly … just a kilo or so each week, hopefully soon we will start feeling the real benefits of dropping excess weight.

Yes, yes, yes we have been away on another of our exciting mountain trips, we know you have been holding your breath waiting for this report. We started out on Monday morning for Montagu, The weather was superb and the view of the coastline approaching Mosselbay was quite beautiful. On arrival in Montagu we looked up old friends, ex-Benonians, and were bowled over by their hospitality and charming 100 year old house. Two very lo
Locations Visited: Montagu

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