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Malta 2006

Jeep tour of Malta |

Today the four of us went on a jeep tour around Malta. We saw the red towers which were once used by the Knights as a form of border protection, a fire would be lit in the tower if the island was under attack. There are 160 churches on the island. One church is known as the "Egg Church" because it was paid for by the villagers selling their eggs. We also went to Popeye Village, which was a movie set for a Robin Williams film back in the 1970's. We also visited the old city called Midna, 'the silent city', a few cars are allowed into this fort like city. We went to a beach called garden beach, but we didn't stay in the water too long because I got stung by a jellyfish! We had a traditional maltese lunch - pasta, chicken, and icecream, most of which the girls couldn't eat! We went out to the Dingli Cliffs, where a small brick chapel over looks the Mediterranean Sea. There isn't much vegetation on Malta, lots of rocks, prickly pear catus and vegetable farms. All fences are made from rocks and not wood. We got back to our hotel, very hot and sunburnt after being in the back of the jeep all day, but it was an interesting way to see the island.

Locations Visited: Mellieha

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