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Up at 5:30am and out of the door at 6am with the bus already waiting for us outside. We picked up a few more people and headed out on the Stuart highway out towards Uluru national park. We turned onto Lasseters highway for the final push out to the rock. We stopped at Conners mountain for a cuppa and a photo shoot. We then arrived at Uluru and went round the visitor centre, then went out for a base tour round the rock. The weather was overcast by then and the rock looked positively brown (not red). Anyway it was still a magical and spiritual place. We then went out to more rocks called Katatjuta which were domed shapped rocks. The weather was cold and wet and I dared not climb over the rocks to the base. Lastly we headed back to Uluru for the sunset (along with about 300 other people). It was a disapointment that it just got dark rather than lighting up the rock but you cant control the weather. We arrived back at the hostel at 12:15am. The bus driver said it was the longest day trip in the world having 1200km in total.

Locations Visited: Uluru, Uluru

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