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Antarctica and my first sighting of land |

On our third day we passed through the Antarctic Sound after passing by the South Shetland Islands and were heading down the Werrell Sea on the East side of the Antarctic Peninsula when we were surrounded by miles and miles of pack icebergs everywhere to be seen with the sun shining above! What an eerie feeling while awesome at the same time. Beautiful patterns of icebergs with the most amazing magical turquoise blue in creases. The odd Antarctic Seal asleep on the top of an iceberg would lift its head to see what commotion was going on as we passed as well as spotting the odd humpback, Minke or Sae whale that came to check out this mad metal ship in the ocean and would dance under the bow of the boat. Who could resist admiring the penguins as they swam also paying us a visit... Fab!! All we could here the night before was the ship scraping over the icebergs, mad creaking noises. It felt like being on the titanic but of course we were in very safe hands at all times. It was so cool to see the ship meet an iceberg and push it to the side in order to make its passage. Basically the expedition team had been down this way the week before and no ice was around but in the space of one week, pack ice was breaking off down South and with the wind were heading North towards us. Well, the ice was too bad to get through so we had to resort to turning around go down the West side of the Antarctic Peninsula instead, down the Gerlache Strait. That morning was definitely a moment that will never fade from my memory. There was just so much happening, it was mad!! Nature performing at its best just for us!! I bet the Russian captain and his crew can remember it for other reasons but they were always open with us and tried their best at all times to ensure that our experience was the best it could be.

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