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Christchurch #2 |

We ended our tour of the South Island with 2 nights back in Christchurch before heading off to Oz. Our hostel was a little out of town but only took about 15 minutes to walk to the centre. We were a bit concerned about our hostel as no one seemed to have heard of it including the bus driver, but once we got there we were pleasantly surprised. It was very homely and comfortable even if it did have a slightly mental receptionist!
We wandered around the city during the day and at night we went to a free Christmas concert that was being held in the big park opposite our hostel. It was basically a kids concert with loads of people doing Christmas songs and other more 'poppy' numbers but the most entertaining bit of all was one of the lads in the choir at the back. We nicknamed him 'Party Boy' after the guy from 'Jackass' as his dancing was absolutely hilarious! We thought he was going to hurt the people next to him with his flailing limbs! Unfortunately we didn't have the video camera with us but it was definitely a 'You've Been Framed' moment! We vowed to go back the next night to get him on film!
The next day we went on the trams that they have in Christchurch and wandered through the Botanic Gardens which were really nice. Later that day we met up with Lizzie and Matt, (Lizzie is our friend's sister who now lives just outside Christchurch) and spent the afternoon with them which was really cool. They live in a little town called Lyttleton where they have a really nice house. We sat in the garden and drunk beer while looking out over the harbour, it was so lovely! They really looked after us and even bought us pizza which we ate on top of a hill and watched the sun set over the mountains. We repaid them by taking our dirty laundry round to be washed!! Their local knowledge was astounding considering they've only been in New Zealand about two years, and they took us to a Maori village and explained everything about how the culture works. We had a great time with them, and would just like to say a huge thank you to them for looking after us and showing us around. It was a great way to end our time in New Zealand.

Locations Visited: Christchurch

Well, sounds as if you have had a lovely time in New Zealand. Wish we were there with you, its making me think about doing what you are, better start saving!! Safe journey to Oz, look forward to the stories from there:) Love Jo and Tony xxx
Posted by: joanne cruickhank on 28 Nov 2006

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