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I arrived in Dublin at 8am and got a bus transfer to the train station. My train didnt come for another 4 hours so I put my bags in a locker and went into Dublin town. There was heaps of nice shops and little stalls.
I got on my train at the front only because I had been early and it wasnt until I got on I realised it said first class so I thought bonus and no-one asked me to move so for the 5hour ride I sat in there and read a magazine.
I got to the other end where Ally met me and we drove back to county MAYO its right on the beach and absolutley beautiful even though it was raining you can imagine it would be packed in summer..its also where alot of famous people go like brad and angelia so that was a buzz.
We got to the house and I met the family they have 2 young girls and a new baby boy.
Ally, Ian and I all headed straight to the motel next door to have a couple of drinks and kinda lost track of time and forgot to come home for dinner and instead left when the place shut.
The next day Ally and I went for a walk to meet the rest of the family, there are heaps of them so it made New years nice coz there were so many people. One of the brothers own's a scuba diving school and offered to show us around Mayo so we sat in his car and got driven around listen to Tracey Chapman all day and taking in just how pretty everything was.
New Years night we went to the hotel. There was a black and white ball going on but we didnt wanna pay the £40 so we didnt go. At about 1am the owner came over and asked if we wanted to go for free because he knows Martina really well so we crashed the ball and got to dance to great music all night and met some great people.
New years day wasn't too bad Ally wasnt in great form but we had to drive back into dublin so we had to do a couple of pit stops on the way so she could....... well check the weather we will say.
We got back and were all very tired as it was a long drive so watched a dvd and went to bed.
The next day Ian and Martina went out so Ally and I minded the girls we took them to the park and went and got some photo's developed. That night we made dinner for them and all watched a movie.
The next day we packed our things for London and left for the airport really early.

Locations Visited: Dublin, Naas, Mayo

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