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Italy 2006

Rome & the Vatican City |

Today we ventured to the Vatican City. We joined hundreds of people who were paying a visit as well. We hired a audio comentary to learn more about the building and art work that is there, but it took us a bit of time to finally work it out. We saw many famous works of art, such as a sculpture of Mary holding Jesus after he had died, St Peter and his foot that has been worn away from people kissing it. It felt more like a museum than a church. We also went below the Vatican to the cript where all the popes have been buried. We went past where Pope John II was buried, and there were many people who stopped to pray at this spot. Later in the afternoon we joined a huge line to go into the Sitine Chapel, which is part of the Vatican museum. This line went for blocks, it took us about 40 minutes to get in the doors. We went through many glalleries, each had on display a variety of different types of art works, there were marble sculptures, paintings, early maps of Italy etc. We finally made it into the chapel, where you are not to talk or take any photos. the chapel was packed wall to wall with hundreds of people, it was so crowded! It was very difficult to really take your time and look at the most famous painting in the world. Once again we had had another long day.

Locations Visited: Vatican City

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