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Malta 2006

Boat trip to Comino Bay and Blue Lagoon |

Today we took a boat trip to Comino Island. We can see this island from our balcony at the motel. The boat trip went around the lower section of the island and back up past the area where we were staying. We went past places that have been used for movie sets, such as Troy, Gladiator and The Count of Monty Cristo. The rocky outcrops look like what I would imagine the southern coastline of Australia to look like. We finally got to the island, 2 and half hours later! We were at a place called Blue Lagoon, which has beautiful clear 'blue' water. Unfortunately there were hundreds of people and not much of a 'beach', it was mostly rocks! We went swimming off the rocky shelf around the lagoon, but once again we didn't stay in the water too long due to jellyfish being present! We paid to go on a speed boat trip to see some caves and coral, we were all very disappointed. We also had lunch on the boat, but once again there wasn't much that the girls couldn't eat due to their allergies. We decided to go back by speed boat rather than on the boat as it was going to take too long and we had had enough of the boat trip in the morning! We got dropped off on the opposite side of the bay where we were staying, so we had to walk back to the motel, but stopped for a swim along the way.

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