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Canada 05-06

Niagra Falls |

Today we headed eastwards to the US border and to Niagra Falls. It was really nice weather and it was amazing there! It does look like the pictures, but you really can’t grasp the size of it until your on the boat down at the bottom of them and you realise that this boat with 200 people on
it is a mere drop of water in comparison to the ntire falls. You get totally soaked on the boat but before you board you get handed a very fetching bright blue plastic poncho to keep you dry.

Sadly a good chunk of the town where the falls are has been taken over by tourist seekers and there’s a whole road of bright flashing lights for amusement rides and arcades. Kinda like Blackpool apparently (but I’ve not been there so I just had to take someone’s word for it).

Locations Visited: Hamilton

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