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Birthday weekend in Paris, Versailles and Normandy

A quick afternoon in Paris |

Arrived in Paris on the Eurostar at 3pm Friday to meet Lise for a quick zip through Paris.

We started at Monte Marte and then up the stairs to the Sacre Coeur, finally getting to see the inside and well worth it, a really beautiful church perched on the highest point in Paris with incredible stained glass and architectural detailing.

A small market was setup for the weekend selling cured jambon, saucisson, fromage and wimes so we got caught for a while and filled my ever-heavier bag with bits to eat (food of the French variety being somewhat heavy on the fat content and not condusive to shedding kilos when you're attempting to get back to running fitness). The route back to the tube took in the customary trip past the Moulin Rouge for a brief photo moment and then on to Monceau Park for a quick break.

Getting to the Eiffel just in time and without light on our side, we rushed up the 60000000 or so stairs for some awesome views over the homeland (that being Lise's homeland)(haven't defected as yet but do kinda like the French lifestyle, if somewhat slow!).

We then headed across to Versailles for some dinner and relaxation..

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