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Travelling in the Far East

Taichung, Taiwan |

By 7.30 in the morning we met a World Vision representative, Clare Sun, and took a taxi to the semi-circular bus terminal, where there were many buses and queues to various destinations. Two buses departed for Taichung every 10 mins i.e. 1 every 5 mins, alternating between two queues. There was a neon digital clock above each queue and buses left exactly on time. Numbered seats were booked for a particular time and one sat in the correct seat at all times.

We left at exactly 8 a.m. and travelled through the lush green countryside for 2 hours, passing many rice paddies, water buffaloes, villages and temples. We were on a highway and went through 4 tollgates; 3 had ten paypoints each and the one nearest to Taipei had sixteen!!

We arrived in Taichung at 10.30; a large city like Taipei. At the railway restaurant we met “our” World Vision “daughter” Ying Hsiang and her husband, who was about 42 ( she was 22 and apparently very lucky to be married, as she is crippled). We chatted for an hour, through our interpreter Claire, then went to a little park for photos beside a small lake. Claire phoned a friend, William Hu, and he came and took us by car to a local restaurant – all round tables and red cloths (red signifies happiness). There we enjoyed Fu Kwei ( earth-covered roast pork, which sounds awful but wasn’t) and Taungtshui U (sweet and sour fish cubes). At last we had to leave, so after fond and tearful goodbyes we boarded the bus again and arrived back at the Taipei terminus at exactly 5p.m.

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