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Shabat evening at the Wattses' residence |

Future farm gathering on Friday eve always makes the heart grow fonder of the holy land. In this case, the honor was all mine sitting shoulder to shoulder with the world's top futurists: The unchallenged king - Mrrrrrrrr Rapoport, his successor - Oddddeeeeeee and my fearless commander - Pitmon.....("....I don't roll on shabassss!!!!")

Locations Visited: London

In principal I am the successor. You, have NO CONNECTION!
Posted by: Oded Watts on 15 Dec 2005

This is the King speaking. People should understand that this is not a dynastic system. The monarchy is only retained through constant vigilance and hard work. I trust though that there is still no real threat to my throne.
Posted by: Adam Rapoport on 12 Jul 2006

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