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Croatia and Belgium... Pizza, Ice-cream, Mussels, Beer and Chocolate

Welcome to Croatia! |

Split to Hvar
Caught a bus from the airport and checked into our hotel rater uneventfully and meandered a little way down the road to find an excellent spot to enjoy the Croatian classics we would come to know so well… pizza and beer. Hmmm, holiday!

Next morning we made our way down to the harbor to find the rest of out friends, totaling a pretty impressive 22 people, as well as our crew and boat, and then had a bit of a wander around the harbour-area to buy some last-minute essentials such as sunscreen and li-lo’s! The fresh produce market was an incredible sight, with the unique style of combined local bartering and socialising fascinating to watch. And so, at around noon, we boarded our boat and left the harbor, leaving in our wake the stress and routine of regular life, and ahead of us the anticipation of adventure, history and fun!

… and soon it was time for our first swim in the gorgeous and subliminally warm (and extraordinarily floaty!) Adriatic Sea. Absolute Bliss. Our Captain had stopped the boat in a beautifully isolated cove, and with exquisite scenery that was like a backdrop of a magnificent painting we could relax and have fun to our hearts content! Next stop was the beautifully preserved historic medieval town of Hvar. Soon after docking the boat, V, Wes, Ant, Tam and I set out to explore the town. The strip along the harbour presents a very pretty first impression of café’s, with a view beyond and up to perfectly constructed buildings with bursts of green in-between. A little walk to the left revealed an inner harbor adjoining the central town square called Trg svetog Stjepana. The long expanse of smooth stone is towered over by St Stephen’s Cathedral, beautiful in the evening light of the setting sun. To the side is a network of streets bursting with stylish café’s, bars and restaurants, a riot of colour and vibrancy. It was in these streets that we found a beautiful place to have dinner, in a fairy’s garden under the trees! At night the strip along the harbour has a pulsating night-life, and we were treated to the sight of the biggest Tuna-fish I’d ever seen!

Locations Visited: Split, Hvar

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