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Jangamo Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique – 2006

Jangamo Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique – 2006 |

Just got back from Mozambique (with Laura, Ian, Matt and Anders (Australian and Danish respectively, but living in Bangkok) and had a really awesome time! Getting there was an experience, though… we decided to fly because we had such limited time, and it turns out we might almost have driven! We flew from Joburg to Maputo, which was boiling and of course no-one speaks English. We did, however, manage to figure out that we had to pay air-port tax and try to figure out which was the local flight to Inhambane, and landed up just following some people that we knew were headed the same way – thank goodness the boys are good at making friends! So all was well until the pilot announced that we’re landing in Vilancolus (which is about fourty-five minutes PAST Inhambane) – and with a lot of very concerned faces around us we managed to get out of the air-hostess that Inhambane was the next stop. Right, ok. Everybody off the plane (baggage thieving time, I discovered, as my locks got broken!) When we eventually landed in Inhambane baggage claim was on the runway, and having done that we managed to find Carol, our host from the Jangamo Beach Resort. Turned out she had a flat tire with no spare, and shopping to do on top of that, so we landed up becoming familiar with the fantastic local beer 2M at a bar on the runway! SO all up, after a 45min drive to the resort we got there around 6pm – around 12 hours after leaving home – and about the time it takes to drive there!! Anyway, the accommodation was gorgeous, we had a villa with four rooms and I got the loft, which had a fantastic view!

In the bar that night we met the three people from the dive-shop – Paul, Katya and Zapper – who are Czech and although communication was a bit hard, I have to say by far the most organized and professional outfit I’ve come across in Mozambique so far. New kit, well maintained, very professional and LOVED Zapper’s boat-launching technique straight into the water so that we didn’t have to do the hard push. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to dive in the area – Trigger Divers (+258 847437010). All the diving was great, and I had one of my all-time best dives at a reef called Island Rock just off Paindane beach. I can only think that this reef is not dived very often as it’s quite far from anywhere – it is so untouched and absolutely beautiful, and I saw loads of fish that I’ve never seen before in Mozambique. As a bonus, we were just back in the boat when we saw a Whaleshark and promptly bailed overboard with snorkels – truly unbelievable.

So, great diving, excellent seafood and bucket-loads of 2M later we left for Joburg again on Friday. Sad to leave – but as always, each day in Mozambique feels like a week, so came home feeling relaxed and refreshed and looking forward to going back!

Locations Visited: Johannesburg, Maputo, Vilanculos, Inhambane, Maputo, Johannesburg

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