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Hi everyone! I don't have much of anything interesting to write for this journal entry. I took some pics today that I have really enjoyed so I thought I would share them with you.

Today was the warmest day since I've been here. I went with my classmates to a photography exhibit from a Japanese photographer who took photos that represented Japan after the atomic bombing. His focus was on Americanization and the effects of it on Japanese culture. It was interesting to see how he embraced the Americans but despised them at the same time. Westerners have had such a profound effect on the world so it's interesting to see how each country embraces or despises that.

It was such a warm day today that I actually got sunburnt! My chest and arms look like a lobster. It's very uplifting to have sun, it's almost like the sun brings a smile to everyone :) Anyway, enjoy my new pics of the cathedral (I went back today) and also of the city. Loves to all!


Locations Visited: Prague

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