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Italy 2006

Rome & a bus tour |

We were all feeling very weary today, so we decided to go on a bus tour of the city. Most of the sights we had already seen, but we all needed to rest our feet. We stopped at the Mouth of Truth Bocca della Verita, The legend is that if your lying and you put your hand in, it will be biten off. This location was made famous in the movie "Roman Holiday", they were doing maintence work in there so we couln't take any photos. We also went to the Pantheon, which is a church, that is 200years old. The roof inside the church has been built with a large hole in it, when it rains the water comes down in a complete cirle, and then disappears through drain holes in the floor. We also went to Trevi Fountain during the day and then returned to see it lit up at night. We also had our last gelati at a shop that had 88 different flavours, it was so hard to decide which ones to have! Of course Graham had as many of the chocolate flavours as he could.

Locations Visited: Rome

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