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Shooting for a nokkia comercial In Vancouver, BC

Shooting for a Nokkia Comercial In Vancouver, BC |

This was the most relaxed I've been shooting something, I was on a bed during the entire shoot,
The way it was shot was as if I was with someone and then it reveals that I actually was alone, so there is a twist but you gotta see it to understand it.
I was actually relieved that it was a very relaxing shoot because I hadn't slept at all the night before, I was out partying all night and then I just went home to shower and I went straight to the shoot, Don't ask me how many coffee's I had that day.
But the funny thing was that I didn't feel tired until I went home and laid down on my bed, at that time of course I just passed out. But I was so hyper during the shoot for some weired reason.
He he, well well, that was just a good thing I guess, don't wanna look unprofesional:)

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