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The glitz and glamour of Hollywood . . . |

. . . or not! Hollywood is what you would call, interesting! Think a sunny Blackpool and that's basically what Hollywood is like! It seems to be full of wannabe singers/dancers/actors/directors and just plain weirdos! Everyone seems to be constantly singing to themselves (probably in the hope that there's a scout nearby) and those that aren't singing are just talking to themselves or yelling at no one!
Our first couple of days in Hollywood weren't that enjoyable. It took us a while to get used to the weirdos and homeless but now they don't seem that bad, in fact we've now come to enjoy the regular freak shows on the bus rides we take! We've been on the subway which was ok and have ridden loads of buses everywhere cause this place is sooo huge it's impossible to walk anywhere.
We went to Venice Beach the other day which is kind of like Camden by the sea! There was a really good vibe there with lots of street entertainers and the vast beach is really nice. We wandered over to Muscle Beach which is an area on Venice Beach where all the body builders show off lifting weights and flexing their pecs! Scott of course was well up for getting in there and showing them how it's done but unfortunately suffered from a bad back that day . . .yeah right!
Yesterday we did a walking tour of Bel Air and Beverly Hills which was brilliant! We saw loads of famous peoples houses including Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra (and some people's houses who are still alive!). Afterwards we headed to Rodeo Drive for some serious window shopping in the hope to spot some celebrities. Unfortunately we haven't seen one which we are most disappointed about!
Today we hiked all the way up to the Hollywood sign from which you get some pretty amazing views of L.A.
Our time in America has now come to an end as we jet off to Samoa tonight which will be an interesting change of scenery! We've really enjoyed our time in the States and will be sad that the first leg of our journey is over but to be honest, we are so sick of fast food and weirdos that in a way we can't wait to leave!

Love Scott and Jenni x

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Sounds like a bit of a let down this LA place bet you can't wait to get to Samoa and slow down your pace a little We'll be looking out for the next update as we think Samoa will turnout to be very different and a wonderful experience and hopefully you will find an internet connection up a coconut tree! Love M&D xx
Posted by: Marion-Geoff Bickers on 04 Nov 2006

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