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After finishing the Colca Canyon trek and sitting on a local bus for 5 hours, Eimear and I decided that that wasn´t enough hardship so we got on a night but to Nasca. It sounded great at the time but when you´re woken up by the bus hostess at 4.05am telling you that you are now in Nasca, things don´t look as great. If that was not bad enough, we then got hassled by a sales rep at this hour of the morning to book a Nasca Lines flight with him. Mad. As you can imagine he wasn´t getting our business. After sorting ourselves out and getting to a recommended hotel by Martja and Max we grabbed a few winks before we boarded a six seater plane (five tourists and one pilot) at 7.30am.

Okay, the Nasca lines are the most bizarre drawings you would ever imagine to be found in a desert. They are mysterious geoglyphs and straight lines. Basically they are furrows in the desert which are 20cm deep and drawn in shapes of animals or birds and are about 500m long. The Peruvians still haven´t sussed them out fully. Some say that they are 10,000 years old and others say 900 and some say 2000 - 3000 BC. Who knows. Because they are so big we went by plane to check them out. Its weird to see the Pan American Highway (which runs from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego) running so close to them in places. Some of the Nasca lines are lines and triangles and then you have a monkey, a condor, a dolphin, a man . Lots of interesting designs. Quite bizarre if you ask me. The plane tilts right over so that you can get a good photo. From right to left and so on.

As we took our last photo, we congratulated ourselves on not feeling nauseous but of course the pilot thought we hadn´t got good enough value so he started to mimic roller coaster rides in the air... We were definitely holding onto our stomachs. What a laugh but not to be repeated.... After getting back on steady ground, we relaxed by the pool at the hotel. Nasca gets sun all year around as its such a high town geographically. We just had to take in some rays after our busy morning before catching yet another bus!!

Locations Visited: Nasca

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