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Hey Guys!!!!

Hey y'all - its me, not my mother!!! |


Oh my god - I'm back in civilisation!!

People, I really can't find the right words to explain what a journey I've had over the past 10 weeks. In short, coming here was the single best decision I've ever made in my life. I cried my heart out when I left our island of Nassonisoni and the village of Navartu. There was not a single dry eye when our group sang our song to the villagers.

Am currently in Suva and am trying to adjust back to urban ways. I'm amazingly thankful for a proper shower with clean water! Seriously, not only did we have to showere using a cup and a bucket, but in the final 2 weeks our water ran out (no rain) so had to use sea water - that doesn't clean you properly!! Its amazing that my hair is actually very blond when clean!!

Had one hell of a ferry journey on the way back. Granted this time we were in first class so there was air conditioning and a lot more space (plus no dead body this time),but it was ridiculously bumpy. I was so so sea sick it was disgusting. Though it was commented by the others that I'd lost my Fiji baby!! (Fiji baby - all the girls had big bloated tummies curtesty of eating rice every single meal).

Am absolutely heartbroken at the thought of saying goodbye to the group. We've all become so close and I know there are going to be a lot of tears.

On a happier note we are going diving tomorrow!! Plus, its not just any old dive...its a specific shark dive!! Its where tiger and bull sharks are fed and we just have to kneel on the floor with only a coral wall as shelter!!! Am so, so excited. But am also sad that its going to be my final dive for a while. I've developed such a love for diving - its just the best feeling to be free under water.

Anyhoo, I'm on limited time here so will write properly when I fly back. Can't beleive I'm going to be in England on Friday!!

Ooo, I'll reply to all emails tres soon - I have honestly missed you all so, so much and can't wait to catch up when I get back.

I'm neither ridiculously brown nor disgustingly thin - damnit!!

All my Love

Locations Visited: Suva

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