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UK 2002/03

London - SA Food and Wine, Oasis, Proud Mary and the Charlatans |

The South African Food and Wine day was a real treat, I have to say. Bit worried about the rain, but it stayed at bay all day and we even had enough sunshine for me to get a touch sunburnt! It was very well organised, although I have to say overpriced considering that the ticket fee only covered getting in. But it was a great event, held at the rugby grounds in Richmond, which they flanked with huge tents – one with fantastic South African wines on offer, and the other with scrumptious food! I managed to devour a beautifully rare Kudu Steak, and about half a bucket of calamari. Hmmm! And they had South African bands playing on a stage – and it was just so nice: sitting out on the grass, eating and drinking with cool music in the background and just generally getting a chance to relax and catch up with people. Lovely! (Although sun and wine are the fastest way to a very sore head!)

The next day was the Oasis concert – and the day dawned grey and rainy. A bit worrying I have to say, considering that Finsbury Park is open air… But after all, it is England and if we let the weather stop us we’d never do anything – so I just made sure I had a waterproof jacket and off we went! In the end it didn’t do anything more than drizzle, and the concert was phenomenal! There were over 40,000 people and Noel and Liam were at their absolute best, and played a good mix of old and some of their best new stuff – so between us, Mike, Justin, Bianca and I had a pretty awesome time. They were supported by BRMC, who were most impressive, Proud Mary (also good) and the Charlatans, who I have to say were a bit disappointing, but the overall concert was excellent!

Monday I went with Anna, Fiona and Darrel to see Umoja “the latest South African sensation in London” which was quite good – although it does feel like cheating when you go to see SA stuff in London, especially on the West End. But reasonably justifiable because I went with three Brits, who all loved it! Then having decided not to let the SA factor stop me, on Wednesday Meg, Darrel and I went to the Henry Ate gig at the Halfmoon in Putney and Karma was really on form – possibly the best I’ve ever seen her in concert. The audience was hyped and she was loving it, the energy in the room was totally static, which was fantastic!

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