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The train journey must have taken it out of us because we did not want to get up this morning. As breakfast was complimentary here we went down at 8:30 or so. After a wash we decided to head out to Grouse Mountain. We bought a days transportation ticket each which was about £4.00 each and headed downtown. We had to ask for directions because the mountain was on North Vancouver. We went down to the sea bus terminal and made our way across with our bus ticket and then got on on another bus which was packed with English people up to the foot of the mountain. The look on Lucy's face when she saw the cable car going up and down made me think that it might have been a wasted journey but she bit the bullet and got on. The views going up and on the top were spectacular and down really show in the photographs. We saw a bird of prey display which was quite impressive but the main thing we wanted to see was the lumberjack display. This was really impressive and funny and lasted about half an hour. We were going to go down and see the grissly bears before the lumberjacks as they were both out and about, but we wanted a seat at the lumberjack display. When we went back they were out of sight in some trees which was disapointing. We took a walk up the the 'sky cinema' and saw a film about how and why the two grissleys were here which was quite interesting. We made our way off the mountain at about 4:30 and went down to the 'Gassworks' and bought some T-shirts and a hat for Lucy. After we got back to the hotel we got showered and changed and decided to treat ourselfs to an Italian meal at the 'Old Spaggetti Factory' which was really nice before running the gauntlet of beggars and prostitutes back to the hotel.

Locations Visited: Vancouver

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