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We left Praia Pipa after Mark rocked up to the campsite at 8.40am - 40 minutes after our designated leaving time. He was still drunk the entire day. Had nice lunch and Fucks and I put cucumber on our eyes to rejuvinate them. Andy was Angry Andy.

Arrived in Canoa Quebrada. I love love love love loved it so much!!! Though i think I´ve already mentioned that... Our hostel was mighty cool, had pool, exercise machines, awesome food, tasty Capirinhas and even some bourbon for Bob (yes, he is a bogan bogan and I enjoy feeling refined compared to him).

Headed out that night and then we all went to the most AWESOME beach party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First we were following the crowd to get there because we weren´t quite sure where it was but everyone seemed to just be heading into these big sand dunes and I couldn´t hear any music or anything so I stopped and refused to follow because I was convinced that there was nothing there. They looked like lemmings, all just walking into some mystery little place. But eventually I asked someone if that was where the beach party was and they looked at me like ´duh´ and so Vicki and I continued on our merry way. And wow, as soon as you walked through the sand dunes, there was a whole different world!!! It was insane!! Massive bonfire, big bar (that never had any change grrrr), people dancing on the beach, lots of lovemaking... Fleur said it was indescribable and I tend to agree.

Andy and Fleur got together and Vicky tried to buy some pot which was so funny.

Vicky got pretty drunk and so Maddie and I eventually decided to head back to the hostel with her. But at one point Vicki decided she wanted to go to the water and started walking off. I started chasing her because not only did I not want to have to wait for her while she frolicked in the waves but she was heading straight for the cliff. So she started sprinting off to try and get away from me. But all was well when she tripped over her own feet and did the world´s biggest faceplant ever. It was honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life and it took me ages to pick myself up off the ground and see if she was okay. I didn´t mean to be a bitch but oooh my god. She was fine though, just felt a little under the weather the next day.

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