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Leaving Las Vegas

Off to LA |

We had to be at the Greyhound bus depot at 8am to check our bags for 9am departure. There were a lot of people waiting for the bus. The bus we got on was an old bus and it felt like it. The air conditioning didn't work properly and the engine kept overheating. The driver was a sadistic B*****d. We stopped for 30 minutes at a service station and the driver said 30 minutes only. An elderly woman who was 4 minutes late was left behind with all her luggage on the bus amidst loud protest from the rest of the passengers on the bus but he ignored them. Later two lads got off to get a drink while passengers were being loaded and he tried to drive off without them too but luckily they could run and caught us at the junction. We got to LA at 2:45 and we shared a cab to the train station with an English lad who was flying out from LAX. We got a bus to the Airport and then a free lift from the Airport to our hotel. The hotel is quite nice and clean.

Locations Visited: Los Angeles

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