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Wedding & the North East

Seahouses & Bamburgh |

Our first full day in Alnmouth started with a country drive up the coast to Seahouses, where we caught a boat for a trip around the Farne Islands, in spite of the incredible wind! The boat had a very lovely resident dog, who was clearly very used to being tossed around in a small boat on the North Sea! The islands themselves were pretty impressive, with huge (and very smelly!) bird colonies. One of them decided to make me "lucky", at which point I was rather glad of the hideous plastic mac we'd bought in Durham!

Wind, rain and choppy seas aside we saw some lovely views, lots of birds, and even a seal which was fabulous. We then headed back to harbour for a very tasty fish & chip lunch, after which we made our way further along the coast to Bamburgh castle. Before going into the castle itself we took advantage of the lovely sunshine, and the dunes to shelter us from the persistent, cold wind, and had a quiet lie down in the warmth, which was lovely!

Bamburgh castle is very well preserved, but sadly you don't get to see that much of it inside. The grounds are lovely, though, but being high up the wind was really quite incredible, and nearly blew us away!

After our saunter around the castle a cup of tea was in order, after which we made our way back to Alnmouth for a pint or two in the local pub, which also allowed dogs. Sadly our hosts at the B&B had a private function in their restaurant that evening so we ate in the pub too (and very good it was, just not quite as good as at Beaches!) followed by lovely walk along the beach at Alnmouth, which became the standard format for our evenings. It was lovely!

Locations Visited: Seahouses, Bamburgh, Alnmouth

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