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Trip of a lifetime

Cool Kuala |

Another day, another city. This time it's Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and the home to the highest twin towers in the world and the highest tele-communications tower in the world. We didn't get to go up the Petronas Towers and recreate an 'Entrapment' moment because the queues were enormous and there were too many other things to be doing. Instead, on the first night we went up the Menara Tower and watched the sun set over the city. Well, you can't really see the sun because of all the smog, but the sky changes colour! And then all the city lights come on and it's very pretty.
That night we encountered our second night market, which we have now discovered are bad places for Julie to go. She gets carried away very easily because it's so cheap! But then she remembers that she has no room in her bag and that's when the fun starts!
The next couple of days in the capital were spent sightseeing and shopping, the best 2 things to do in KL.
Then it was back on a bus and off to Kuala Kangsar, a small town north of KL. There we stayed on an island in the middle of a man-made lake with a family and had some fantastic homecooked Malaysian food and a great relaxing couple of days. The couple had a 3 year old called Asam, who was absolutely adorable but could reach up to, about, 10 decibels whilst having a shouting competition with our leader Jane! Ouch!
Then back to the mainland and back on a bus to the island of Penang, just off the coast of Malaysia.
Having problems with uploading pics at the moment, so will let you know when they arrive!!
Love lots,

Locations Visited: Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Kangsar, Penang

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