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It was Saturday. Saturday is the official day to shop in India. So we did some more shopping today. We went to cool looking craft store and had fun going through the inventory. We ran into a harried looking british guy there (harried because the simpleton decided to shop in India with four women. he was asking for it). We thought for a few minutes and decided not to help him.
We then went to a couple other shops including Amar's favourite book store. [begin-description] It was filled with books [end-description] We then went to the local Pizza Hut for a bite to eat and were surprised to find that they gave us a shout out in their menu (look at the pictures later to understand the shout out).

We met with the rest of the family after that and headed out to Mahabalipuram for an evening trip.
It was a fun trip. This is a city approximately 38mi outside chennai. It was a 90 minute drive (gives you a feeling for the city traffic). It is 13-1400 years old and parts of the period architecture are still visible. It was fun way to wrap the trip up.

We will be posting some pictures from our trip soon. Wish us luck. We fly out of Chennai tomorrow to Delhi and then to Chicago and haha you thought that was it didn't you. Nope we go to Austin from there. So we will see you soon :-)


Locations Visited: Chennai, Mahabalipuram

Loved your journal entries, Kimmeh --Julie
Posted by: Julie Gordon on 03 Apr 2006

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