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Trip of a lifetime

Snowballs in May???? |

The journey to Whakapapa was by far the best so far. The scenery was absolutely stunning, changing from lush green fields, that remind me so much of home, to massive mountains covered in snow. It's only when you see so much snow that you remember that it's winter here! Any other time, it's just a bit chilly but not that wintery.
Well Whakapapa (pronounced Faka-papa) is a really small skiing village set in the best place I've seen. The sun was shining when we arrived and we had a snowball fight on one of the roads off the main street. Snowball fights in May! How peculiar!!
But unfortunately the views and walks around the area were not appreciated by Julie, myself and 2 guys from the bus, Liam and Stefan, because we spent all day on the settee watching movies and snoozing. We had really bad colds (only just getting over it now) and I slept pretty much all day.
The next day off to Wellington, NZ's capital. Not much to say about Welly because we only had one night and an early start the next day so we didn't get to explore much. We did however go and see the Da Vinci Code because the boys really wanted to see it. Apparently it's different in NZ from the UK because the music hasn't been edited. Not quite sure what that's all about but anyway, it was a really good film (Parents, I recommend it).
So caught a flight over to the South Island because we really didn't fancy the idea of 3 hours on a ferry. Not my idea of a good time. SO a 20 minute hop over the sea and we arrived in Picton. Just a stop to pick up more people and off to Able Tasman National Park.
Again just one night and an early morning start so not much seen, but it did look beautiful from what little we did see.
On the way to Barrytown today so will keep you updated!
x L

Locations Visited: Wellington, Picton

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