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Higher.........That is the word i think i used most in Turkey which means NO!!!
Turkey is one of my favourite places in the world i reckon, So beautiful and so much to see.
We headed to the airport Saturday morning and on the flight made some fantastic Aussie mates who were also headed to Turkey for Anzac day.
We arrived and headed to our hostel which was about a 5min walk from all the action and right next to all the other hostels (prime location)
We sat outside and had a beer and then headed inside because it had gone a bit cold. As i went to the bar i ran in to Becky Moleno which was crazy as i didnt even know that she was in Turkey.
Sunday we headed to the markets and picked up a couple of bargains but it was soooo annoying because we all stuck out, especially having blonde hair!
We checked into our hotel and met up with the rest of the people doing the "on the go" tour i roomed with a chick called Kylie who was wicked. We went to the Gala dinner which was a great laugh...we had a great meal, belly dancers and a lot of laughs.
Monday morning we went on a boat cruise (which was freezing) inbetween the European side of Turkey and the Asian side. We even saw dolphins.
We caught the bus up to Gallipoli which was about 5 hours away.
(I have so much to say about Anzac day so instead just go to the seperate link).
We left Anzac and decided to jump on a Fez bus down to Kusadasi. We spent the night there
The next day we headed out to Ephesus to check out the Roman Ruins. We then got on a bus and headed out to Pammukkale. We checked in and got upgraded as the hostel had just opened and the owner was feeling generous. We then had a drink with the owner and headed up to the calcium rock mountain, We got up just intime for sunset so it was absolutley beautiful. We ended up having a couple of wines up top with a guy we met from Canada and before we realised it, it was dark and we had to climb down the mountain in pitch balck...but it made it exreamly interesting and VERY funny.
Thursday we took a bus to Olympos and stayed in a place called which is fully of these really cool tree houses. We had a couple of drinks with the owners and even met up with some guys we knew back in London so it was a great first night. We had only planned to stay 1 night but within 20 minutes of being there we had decided there was no way of leaving. Infact the slogan for the place is you with come and stay and stay and stay and stay... So true.
The next day it rained but was still warm so we went for a long walk and then sat outside in bungalows and played turkish scrabble..which after a couple of drinks was hilarious. More people began to arrive from Anzac so we had a brig group of us all outside.
Friday was a gorgeous day and we couldnt bare to waste it on a bus so we decided to have breaky and head down the beach. We spent all day down there and on our way up stopped in to talk to some of our friends. Got back to our treehouse and had a shower and some dinner. We all headed over to the ngiht club called the Bull Bar which was wicked. Its huge and dosent have a roof so you can look up at the stars all night. I got chatting with the guy who owns the place and he let me go behind the bar and make myself cocktails and serve people (i was half drunk) so i had a ball. He offered me a job there so i dunno i am thinking of going back to work there because i had such a fantastic time.
We left for Oldeniz in the morning and it was about a 8 hour drive so we were very happy to get off the bus. We got some lunch and jumped on a boat to head across to butterfly valley. It's a real hippy island and you stay in tents right on the beach. We climbed a huge mountain to get a great view of sunset and we got more than we hoped for. The sun was like a bright orange/red and you could see Rhodes the Greek Island infront of it so it was truley beautiful.
We walked up to a waterfall in the morning but decided not to climbe it as it had a massive sign on it saying " climbing is a risk and could result in serious injury or dealth" plus i had met a girl in Pamukkale who told me when she stayed a girl fell and split her head open so....we gave it a miss.
We headed back to the main beach of Oldeniz and got a Turkish bath. Girls you would be in your element. You go into a Sauna thing and splash hot water all over yourselves, You then get a full body scrub, a foam massage, a hot oil massge and as a gift we got a face mask aswell!!! All for only 35 Lira so about $35.
That night we met up with some friends we had met along the way for some drinking and dancing.
Tuesday we had breaky and headed to Paragling. (check out paragliding link)
After that we sunbaked had an early dinner and jumped on the 13hour night bus back to Istanbul to catch our flight Wednesday morning.
All up it was one of my best holidays and Anzac especially was up there with one of the BEST experiences of my LIFE!

Locations Visited: Istanbul, Antalya, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Olympos, Pamukkale

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