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We got up at 6am and were 'free' by 6:30am. We got our deposit for the key back and were banging down the door of the other hostel by 6:45am. We dropped off our bags because we could not check in till the afternoon and headed for the bus station for a day trip to Victoria. I had imagined Vancouver Island as a little place with everything within walking distance but the bus took 2.5 hours to reach Victoria but it was worth it because Victoria is a lovely place and its a shame we did't get a room there instead. We had a walk up the shopping streets and then decided to take a whale watching tour on the 'Prince of Whales' boat. We left at 12:15 and just got out of the harbour when we had to turn around because one of the engines broke down. An hour later we all transfered onto their backup boat and headed out again. We went to an island with a light house which was imported brick by brick from Scotland and it had sea lions and seals on it. We then headed out to where about 5 other boats were already watching the whales and seemed to be the furthest boat away from them for about 20 minutes before they said our time was up and we had to head back which was a shame becuase we paid for 3 hours and only got 2. We got back in time for the bus back to 'Na-no-no' and checked into our 'luxury room' (in comparison) and finally got to do some more washing. They have cooking facilities here so we will have some home made food instead of the fattening food we have consumed in abundance for the last 3 weeks. We will settle down here and try and think of something to do tomorrow.

Locations Visited: Nanaimo

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