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Well, Monday started pretty early. I woke up at 4 and spent some quality time in the bathroom. For the next 6 hours. It was pretty brutal, but hey, that's what you get with jet lag + other random factors all combining at once early in the morning, I guess.

Amar and his family took great care of me though - I felt well-loved :)

After a few hours of naps, and a few rounds of Su Doku, Amar and I headed off to a hotel in town to get ready for the party. We were joined later that afternoon by one of his aunts, Pushpa, to help with the preparations.

If you're ever in Madras, by the way, you should check out, the GRT Grand. Currently, we're using their wifi in the lobby to post this entry ;)

Anyhow, both of us started feeling much better just before the party, so we headed over to greet his family and join the fun. It was so neat to meet all of his friends and relatives, along with various friends of the family. Everyone was welcoming and warm-hearted, and I felt very much at home.

We spent about 3 hours socializing with everyone there. The sari that Amar's mom, Malathi, got me was a tremendous hit, once I learned how to tie it and walk in it. Oh, and next time you're in Madras, I also strongly endorse getting Pushpa to help you with your sari ;)

That's all for now. Stay tuned!

Oh, we tried to upload some photos earlier, but we couldn't get the site to work properly. Hopefully, it's just being moody and will allow us to post some pretty pics later on. We'll keep trying...just wanted to give you an update.

(Just in case you are wondering, the photo comments were added by the indian :-) Kim takes no credit or blame for them ;-)

Locations Visited: Chennai

Ohhh, want to see pics - thanks for sharing in how your life is going - will share with the leadership team! Noell
Posted by: Noell Lambert on 28 Mar 2006

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