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Christmas and New Year 2000/01 |

I had such a fantastic Christmas and New Year. We had a gorgeous tree (Jenny managed to talk a guy into giving us one for free!!) with assorted decorations acquired through the ingenious stealth skills of Nina, Jane and Jenny. We were all up at the crack of dawn to exchange gifts, and the girls got me a neck-gator, which is surely going to come in very handy!! It’s so awesome having a white Christmas! Our Condo is situated right on Lake Dillon, so we have sliding doors that open up that way, although there’s so much snow between us and it that I don’t think we’re likely to go far! I decided to take Christmas day off and went shopping in both Dillon and Frisco for ingredients for Christmas dinner. When we did our initial “setting-up” shop we spent so much that they gave us a free ham!! So I got some chicken, syrup, sugar, cinnamon and cloves and cooked up a storm for dinner, where we had a group of about 10 of us – such fun!

As for New Years’, I met up with the girls at Endo’s (Coppers’ Bar of Choice) and it was just rad. We had some drinks and danced the night away – it was so much fun! Since then I’ve just been working really hard – even managed to get in some overtime, but it’s starting to settle down now. I’m working at the Front Desk, which is kind of a central check-in (and general complaints) building for the resort. The people are really fun, although we have to stand all day (no chairs) and it’s a bit isolated from the rest of the resort, so I don’t see that many friends outside of the one’s that I work with, but it’s better pay than most others, so good, I guess! I spent 10hrs checking in 1400 college students on Wednesday, which was the most stressful it’s been yet – and I have to say that I was supremely disappointed in the general lack of ANY good-looking boys! You know, you would think that college students that choose to spend their holiday at a ski-resort would be fit, healthy and fun… NOT SO!! Oh, and another little bit of excitement was that we checked in Coolio and his entourage – he seems to be a pretty cool guy, and surprisingly polite!

Oh, and the wildest thing happened on Friday. Turns out that one of the bellmen that works downstairs from me is my second cousin! It was just so strange!

I’m meeting Sue for dinner tonight, we decided to treat ourselves, and we got our pay-cheques on Thursday, so what the hell! I’m also going up to Sacramento next week to see Warren before he leaves to go back to SA, and I’m kind of looking forward to having some time off!!

Locations Visited: Copper Mountain, Dillon

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