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Easter in Belgium |

Richie and I took the Eurostar off to Brussels for a romantic long weekend. Visited both Brussels and Brugge. Both nice cities but f*ck all to do after you've wandered around for a day.

First night caught the train into the centre. Went to the local station, asked which platform, the train was preparing to leave so we jumped on. I knew the trains in Europe were suppose to be nice, but this was awesome! It looked like it was all first class. My spidey-sense thought something was amiss so in my best french asked the attendant if this was the train to the centre of the city. "No, this train is for Euro Disney in Paris!". We ran, and literally jumped off as the doors closed. Afterwards we were gutted we did. Who knows what a trip to Paris may have brought.

Friday night met up with Adam Fraser and co. and went out for a few beers. And a few beers is all you need. At 14% we were all giggling like 13 year olds on cider, although didn't go on to smash any letterboxes or ask an old couple if they had a cigarette.

One of the girls managed to find what I'm guessing was the only night club in Brussels. Excited, we investigated. It seems contrary to popular opinion it is not the Germans who do sausage in bulk, it is the Belgians. I struggle to recall seeing a Belgian girl the entire trip, and the nightclub was no exception. Although I do remember meeting two Belgian girls in Spain so I know the Belgians do have females. Somewhere.

Despite it being full of sausage, Rich and I thought we'd try and find it Saturday night. Seems it must be some sort of Haunted Sausage Club as I'm sure the building had disappeared the next night.

Rich and I checked out the Belgian cafe' scene one night. Pretty disappointing food quality, but I think its just aimed at tourists and we went to the wrong places. Sat down next to a Tjeckistani (sp?) man and his wife. They shared their food with us and invited us to stay with them in Tjerkistan (again, not convinced that's what it is called) if we were ever in the neighbourhood. Perhaps if we were in a local terrorist training camp I'm guessing.

Brugge was nice, but again, unless you adore the cafe scene its a little dull.

Writing this a fair while after the trip, so can't remember everything. Hopefully that's a good summary.

Locations Visited: Brussels, Brugge

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