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Holy land - visit no. 4 |

RRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhtttt.....Where was I? Oh. Israel.
No place like home. I Arrived on the 23rd of December and found the most amazing weather. Lots of sunshine and 19 degrees Celsius. And the girls....oooohhhh...the most amazing girls in the world. Do I miss it??? no connection!!!

After meeting up my "home boy" Saray, we managed to stick to a very tight schedule of drinking, clubbing and some more drinking. We opened our own coffee shop at the "Abraxas" bar and became their distinguished guests for the entire week. We paid a tribute to our home base bar - "Zigel" and headed off to far far away bars in Haifa and even in Rehovot...(..תתפלאו).

On Saturday, I went to Yirka, a Druze village in the Galilee (north Israel), to visit Saray and to eat as much as you can Kebabs. (...I paid extra luggage on my way back to London...If you know what I mean...)

On New Year’s Eve, we all went to the Kaktus in Ramat Hasharon and celebrated with Mr. Brush and Kate from Manchester.

Sending you all kisses and hugs (...a bit gayish...I know): Saray, Hilla, Limor, Alona, Reut, Iris, Yaarit and Pitmon.

And also a special wet kiss to my most special soul mate: Musa.

...Yeah, yeah mom....to you too...

Locations Visited: Tel Aviv

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