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What Sound Does A Horse Make When It Hits A Train??

Dum and Dumber's Euro-Trip 2006 |

Well we are currently on the train from Zurich to Innsbruck. Beautiful scenery. We are now in an compartment train with two other girls who can't be any more than 16 and are smoking. That is one thing I don't think I will be able to get used to. Almost everyone here smokes, in restaurants, tains, everywhere and they are so young. Bu anyway Cheryl bought this water bottle taht has a ball taht popls out and well we decided taht since Jacks couldn't be here with us taht Jacks spirit is the ball so we wrote 'Jacks' on it and are putting it in our picture. Yeah, we know we are retarded. Ok wel lin the end our plans changed. We got to Innsbruck but made and executive decision taht it looked shady so we stayed on the train since it went to Salzburg. Along the way there was a stop and this guy came and sat in our compartment. The gilrs had left to some other part of the train and some people had asked us before if they could sit with us, but we were holding the seats 'till the girls go back. Well it was obvious that they weren't coming back anytime soon so we lwet the guy sit down. He seemed alright, came in, said 'hello' and asked where we were from. He seemed pretty funny. WEll, after about 10 mins he pulled out a bottle of wine, and overe here it is legal to drink in public places. WEll he started to drink and tell us he was happy because of the wine, and how beautiful the sceenery was. Well as he drank more he started to get a little stranger. WEll we were almost to Salzburg, and by this time he had bought a coffee. We were sitting in silence and all of a sudden he spat his coffee all over me. It was disgusting. He was like 'I'm so sorry let me help you clean." I'm like uhh no I'm good. UCK! I couldn't get off the damn tain fast enough. Luckly he was going to Vienna. Anyway the city has more than made up for the experiance on the tain. It is absolutly beautiful here. Our hostel is in the 'old town' with a view of the fortress. We are here for two nights. Today we walked around the old town and saw where Mozart was born. Tomorrow we are going to the fortress and the other side of the river!

Locations Visited: Gatwick, Zurich, Lugano, Lucerne, Interlaken, Salzburg, Venice, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Rome, Florence, Nice, Lyon, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Cham, Innsbruck, Frankfurt, Vancouver

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