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Poland 2006 - Weddings and Mountain climbing with the Polski's

Mountain climbing - Kasprowy Wierch |

Day 3

We arranged to meet the other for breakfast but in Ana and Bradley were running a little late. I got the impression from the girls that this was becoming a bit of a trend that wasn’t really appreciated. But breakfast was nice and we decided that today would be a good day to walk up one of the local mountain Kasprowy Wierch which was said to be about a 3.5 hour walk. Probably would have been if we didn’t stop every one and a while for a cigarette break. It was fairly hard going as I was wearing jeans and only my cross trainers. The paths themselves were quiet rocky and uneven making progress slow.

The views and scenery were amazing! It made me think of my time at Outward Bound and tramping with Robb in the central plateau back home. We even had snow at one across the track at points and that wasn’t even near the top it has nice to be able to cool yourself down by sticking a handful of snow on your head. I can’t say too much about this really the photos say it much better. It took all up about 5 hours to get to the top and I think it was safe to say we were all stuffed by the end of it. The piwo and a pizza at the top went down a treat. It was the cable car down to the town though although that was a long wait.

They had a weird system. People could buy a return ticket on the cable car for a certain time slot. Basically these people got priority on that car. If there was space they would then sell to the people in the queue. Obviously the thing to do would be to sell people ticket and then when there was room just let the ticket holders in the queue go through. But this would be too efficient. Instead they made you wait in the queue then sell you just enough tickets to get you on that car. You can imagine the compounding time delay with the transaction time to buy the ticket and the car waiting to be full with people before leaving. We got down in the end.

We bid farewell to our fellow mountain climber and headed into town to check out our travel options for getting back to Rzeszow the next day. Apparently in Poland the information desk doesn’t actually give you information. The girls were getting very frustrated with the rather grumpy and unhelpful man behind the counter. My plans to come back there in winter were fast moving into the ‘to hard’ basket for a holiday. It was going to take about 7-8 hours on a train or bus to get us back to Rzeszow. Karsha arranged for her friend Łukasz to come down and pick up and get us to at least Tornów which was really good of him.

Locations Visited: Zakopane

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