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We had these two guys, Dan and Carl, stay over for a couple of days and it turns out that they’re really good cooks – pretty impressive! On Wednesday they decided to make us this spectacular dinner – wow! It was so amazing, and we had the most incredible Oreo-and-chocolate milkshakes.

We had employee appreciation day yesterday and so Richelle, Hope and I arranged to start our shift and hour late and came in for a free employee pancake breakfast – and we had all the top management serving us… it was kinda nice to feel appreciated! I also got my picture in the Summit Daily – they had a picture of someone from most departments – and for the Front Desk it was me!! It was completely unexpected – I remember when the lady took the photo, but it was crazy busy so I just looked up, smiled and then didn’t think about it again… but hey, I got my picture in the paper!

We went to Endo’s last night for the for an employee party and it was so much fun! We got there around 5.30 and all drinks were $1. I’m becoming a beer drinker – can you believe it?!? I almost have to over here – The US not being big into Cider (except for the non-alcoholic kind) and Colorado being the Micro-Brewery Capitol of the world, and all! The beer here is somehow not as bitter as the SA beer, so I’m fining it easier to drink. I found this brand called Coors which is really not bad.

Locations Visited: Copper Mountain

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